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We are our genetics and our experiences. In a DNA test we will see how we should treat our body. From which medicines are the most suitable for us, to what diet is the one that will make us lose weight faster. For the first time, access to information about our genes is simple. We send our kit to any place in the world, no matter where you live, we take care of everything. With our DNA test you can discover where your ancestors were from, how to train in a more intelligent way, which cream is the most suitable for your skin, what diseases you can avoid and even how to feed yourself better.

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These are some of our DNA Test


DNA Health Test

Health and Wellness

With this Health DNA Test you can take care of yourself in a more intelligent way. You will know what diseases you have to prevent, what medications are best for you and your doctors will understand you better ...

Genetic Test

Nutrigenetic study

It is a fact that diets have different results in each person. A person can lose weight quickly with a diet and another person not lose weight by doing the same. The same goes for the nutrients: an intelligent diet must be personalized ...


Skin care

Our skin is unique. This DNA test will allow us to discover what treatments and what creams our skin needs, and each skin is a world. Do not be fooled by the advertising of miracle creams, each one has our ideal cream ...

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Sports performance

If you like to get results from your workouts, this genetic test is the key. It is not enough to train hard, you have to train with intelligence and this DNA test will show you that knowing yourself is the first step ...


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