Pharmacogenetics: DNA analysis of drug predisposition

DNA Test of Pharmacogenetics - Personalized Medicine

Pharmacogenetics or Pharmacogenomics studies our genetic predisposition to the effectiveness of drugs. There are many scientific studies that show that medicines do not have the same effect on each person and that the reason for many of these differences is genetic.

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On too many occasions we have seen how treatments are prescribed that end up changing after some time. In many cases, this is something that can be avoided by offering patients the medicine that is most likely to sit well.

Our pharmacogenetics test analyzes 700.000 genetic markers of your cells' DNA. Once your genetic map has been sequenced, we apply our algorithms based on the most consolidated pharmacological studies in the scientific community. The result is a report with a list of important drugs, of several specialties, of which we tell you what is your genetic predisposition towards them. A fundamental tool for our doctors.


 Reports available in English, Spanish, German, Italian and French.


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Personalized medicine

The first step in individualized medicine, or precision medicine, is Pharmacogenetics, because it allows us to prescribe the most indicated medicines according to our genetic map.

Genetics is creating a new era in the health sciences. Everything will change radically in the coming years; The majority of generic drugs will cease to exist and each time we will have our medication more individualized. We have all seen how aspirin works for some people, headaches for others, paracetamol for others, and ibuprofen for others. This is because we are each different and a large part of our differences are in the DNA. Now there is the technology to understand these differences at the biochemical level and to predict how the different drugs are going to sit us down. This will lead us inexorably to personalized or precision medicine where each one will have his headache pill, the one that will best fit us with the least side effects.

We have not yet reached that point, but with our pharmacogenetic test, our doctor will be able to choose with much more precision between two or three different medications in the face of a certain disease or medical condition.

Our pharmacogenetic report is divided into 5 medical specialties: Cardiology, Neurology, Pain, Oncology and others.

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These are the drugs that we analyze


Specialty Drug
Cardiology Fenprocumon
Cardiology Hydrochlorothiazide
Cardiology Pravastatin
Cardiology Simvastatin 
Cardiology Warfarin 
Neurology Amisulpride
Neurology Amitriptyline
Neurology Antidepressants 
Neurology Aripiprazole
Neurology Bupropion
Neurology Carbamacepina
Neurology Citalopram
Neurology Clomipramine
Neurology Clozapine
Neurology Escitalopram
Neurology Haloperidol
Neurology Olanzapine 
Neurology Paliperidone
Neurology Quetiapine
Neurology Risperidone
Neurology Ziprasidone
Pain Altanyl
Pain Aspirin
Pain Buprenorphine
Pain Fentanyl
Pain Meperidine
Pain Morphine 
Pain Naltrexone
Pain Pentazocine
Pain Tramadol
Oncology Cisplatin
Oncology Fluorouracil, capecitabine, pyrimidine analogues
Oncology Irinotecan
Oncology Mercaptopurine
Oncology Tamoxifeno
Oncology Vincristine
Others Interferon alfa - 2b
Others Ribavirin
Others Tacrolimus 
Others Viagra (Sildenfail)

This report is not suitable for clinical or diagnostic use 

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