Sports genetic test

The sports genetic test that will make a difference

The sports genetic test is the perfect tool to get the most out of your workouts. Train hard, sometimes it is not enough; Training with intelligence is the important thing and in your genetic information are the answers. 

Sports DNA test

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Sports DNA test


As easy as rubbing a cotton swab inside your mouth and the doors of sports genetics will open for you. No matter where you live, we send our kits to any corner of the world and take care of everything. In a few weeks we will give you the necessary information, based on your genetic data, to get the most out of your workouts and help you achieve your goals and avoid injuries.

The sports genetic test of 24Genetics is the most complete on the market. If we compare the information we provide, it is more than double that of most competitive sports genetic reports; compare us 

These are the sections of the Sports Genetic Test of 24Genetics. 

Sports Profile
In this part of genetic test We will analyze how you position your genetics in capacities such as Power, Resistance, Strength, Aerobic Capacity, Pulmonary Capacity and Recovery.
Muscular Profile
We will see the predisposition of your muscles to strength work, the response to resistance training, skeletal muscle performance, and muscle fatigue, and we can even assess the capacity of muscle regeneration according to your genetic code. 
Metabolic Profile
Not everyone is equally affected by sports practice and does not have the same effects. We can see your genetic predispositions to the global benefit of sport in your body, the sensitivity to insulin, your metabolic efficiency, how it can affect your body mass index and even how it can affect your cholesterol.
Injury Risk
Several studies have associated certain genetic mutations to have a greater predisposition to suffer some type of injury. We can see your general predisposition to have injuries, fracture due to overload, risk of joint injuries and risk of ruptures of tendons and ligaments. This information will help you, your personal trainer and your physiotherapist to strengthen those areas where you have more risk of injury.

Cardiovascular Profile
We can observe your predisposition to reduce the pulsations through intensive training and your response of blood pressure in sports practice.


It is important to keep in mind that this is a sports genetic test and that the genetic information provided by 24Genetics is valid only for research, information and educational uses. In no case is it valid for clinical use.



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Questions and answers: 

How is this sport genetic test done?
We send a kit to your home with some simple instructions. You will only have to rub a cotton swab inside your mouth. When you finish you pick it up or send it back and in a few weeks you will have the results in your email.

To which countries can you send this test?
We send our DNA kits to any country in the world. In Europe and USA we send it to you by courier, outside of this area you choose if you want us to send it to you by ordinary mail or if you prefer that we send you and pick up the kit by private courier.
If I am predisposed to some type of injury, is it safe that I will be injured?
The answer is no. Having a genetic predisposition to some type of injury does not mean that it will affect you. It simply means that, based on your genetics, you have a higher statistical risk of having that injury. The genetic information serves us precisely to know our weak and strong points to be able to act accordingly and be able to avoid many of these injuries with proper training.
Does everything depend on my genes?
No, we are our genes and our experiences. Your genes will of course affect you in all aspects of your life, but how you treat your body and your mind can make a difference. Genetic tests help us understand each other better.

Should I make drastic changes in my health with the data from a genetic test?
No, any change that affects your health must be monitored by a doctor.

Are all sports genetic tests the same?
No, nor similar. Our test is performed on Illumina equipment (the most prestigious brand in the market), from 700.000 genetic markers and our sports report is, without a doubt, the most complete on the market.


Where do you draw the conclusions of my report?
Once the DNA has been extracted from your cells and your genetics have been read through the Illumina teams, we apply the most consolidated and relevant sports genetic research that the scientific community offers us to your genetic map. In each of the sections we indicate in what genetic study we base ourselves in case you, or your medical staff wants to understand why we say what we say. Below are some examples of these studies.

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The genetic information provided by 24Genetics is valid only for research, information and educational uses. In no case is it valid for clinical use.


Example of some studies that support our sports genetic test:

DNA Internationa


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