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The complete genome includes all the genetic information that our cells contain. This is 3.200 million base pairs. There is no more complete test.

To give us an idea of ​​the dimension, an exome has a million 40, and the test with which we perform most of our reports has 700 thousand.

While today we only understand the functioning of the 3% of this genome, the advantage of doing this test is that it will no longer be necessary to sequence since all the genetic information will be at our disposal and this does not change significantly as throughout our life.

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The Genome Sequencing service includes:

  • 24Genetics Health Report
  • Pharmacogenetics Report
  • Nutrigenetics Report
  • Sports DNA Test Report
  • Report of the DNA Test for Skin Care
  • Ancestors Report
  • Two 15 Genetic Counsel Consultations minutes
  • A Genetic Report on the area that you indicate

This Personal Genetic report will be made by our geneticist team about the specific GEN or pathology that the client needs us to study.

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