Exome sequencing

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The Exome is the part of the genome formed by the exons and comprises some 20.000 genes. In the exome is the 85% of the relevant genetic information. That is to say, that approximately 85% of the useful discoveries of science are based on genetic information of the exome.

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Through Exoma we can study the vast majority of genetic diseases.

Exoma sequencing is done only once and there will never be a need to repeat it since the Exoma is always the same during our life.

The Exoma Sequencing service includes:


  • 24Genetics Health Report
  • Pharmacogenetics Report
  • Nutrigenetics Report
  • Skin Care Report
  • Ancestors Report
  • A Genetic Counseling Consultation
  • A Genetic Report on the area that you indicate (gene or pathology)



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