Nutrigenetics: nutritional genetic test

How can Nutrigenetics help me?


Foods feel differently to each one of us. Nor do we all need to take the same amounts of the same nutrients, nor do we all find the same weight loss diets as effective. The difference is in the Nutrigenomics.

Our genetic nutrition test will help us to:

  • feed us in a healthier way: because we will know what nutrients we need more and what kind of diet is healthier for us
  • lose weight more effectively: we can see with what kind of diet we will lose weight faster
  • Get to know each other better: you will know if you are predisposed to overweight, feeling full, tendency to certain flavors ...
  • see the relationship between our health and food: you will see your tendency to high cholesterol, risk of abnormal levels of triglycerides ...
  • and more.

nutrigenetics nutrigenomics report

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Download Sample Report for women: English, GermanFrenchItalian, Polish and Spanish

Thanks to this genetic test, you will be able to know more about yourself, why caffeine affects you more or less than others or why you are more gourmand, or find it more difficult to feel certain flavors ...

If you want to lose weight, the nutrigenetics can help you, a lot. We will see the predisposition on what type of weight loss diet will be most effective. There are genes that can show certain tendencies to get fat, to feel satiated and to desire to eat. With nutrigenomics, you can find the most effective way to lose weight and feel better than ever. 

Whether you like to know more about yourself in order to feed yourself better, as if you want to go to a nutritionist and have the best tools, the nutrigenética test of 24Genetics is your best asset.




Our Nutrigenetic Report has these sections:


Your healthiest nutrition:

Here you can see your genetic predisposition to certain nutrients and your tendency to consume certain types of food.

Vitamins and minerals:

We can see how your genes influence the metabolization of various vitamins and minerals. With this you can see what kind of vitamins and minerals you should take more and in what way.


We study your predisposition to abnormal levels of the two types of Cholesterol and your risk of suffering high levels of Triglycerides.

Your senses:

Your genes will tell us if you tend to be a greedy person, if you're pecking and even how caffeine can affect you.

Your weight and you:

We will see your genetic predisposition to overweight, your difficulty to lose weight and the most important part, what type of diet will be the most effective at the time of losing weight.

Our nutrigenomics test is a simple and clear report about the predispositions that your genes tell us you can have. If you want to get the most out of your genetic information, our advice is to hire the services of a professional in genetic counseling. 


The genetic information provided by 24genetics is valid only for research, information and educational uses. In no case is it valid for clinical use.


Questions and answers: 


Where is this test available?

In the whole planet. Place your order on the web and we will send it to any corner of the world.


In this test can I see the food intolerances?

No, a genetic test has nothing to do with a food intolerance test, nor with tests of food allergies. They are different tests that offer different information. Genetic tests are more complex and costly.


How is this nutrigenetic test done?

It is very simple. We send you a kit with a cotton swab that you will have to rub in your mouth following some simple instructions. Depending on where you live and the service contracted, we will pick it up by a messenger or we will ask you to send it to us. 


Should I make drastic changes in the treatment of my health or diet with the data of this nutrigenetics test?

No, any change you want to make in your health should be analyzed by an expert geneticist and consulted with specialized doctors and nutritionists. 


Does everything depend on my genes?

No, our body responds to many circumstances. Genetics is one of them and the most important.


Are all nutrigenetic tests the same?

No, our nutrigenético test is possibly the most complete that exists in the market. 


What is this nutritional genetic test based on?

It is based on genetic studies that are internationally consolidated and accepted by the scientific community. There are certain organisms and scientific databases where studies are published in which there is a broad level of consensus. Our genetic tests are carried out by applying these studies to the genotype of our clients.





Some studies on which we base our reports:

DNA Internationa


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