Pharmacogenetics: the first step towards personalized medication

The Pharmacogenetics test will help you and your doctor choose the most appropriate medications


How many times have we seen that a certain medicine does not feel the same as other people?

This is so, and it has been so all our life; each person is different and each of us feels about medicines (and foods) differently. The reasons for these differences are many, some known and some not yet.

One of the reasons known is genetic predisposition.

Science has identified some genes that directly influence how certain medicines feel. They are not the only factor, but one of them and very important and doctors have to start taking it into account, because they don't always do it.

Until relatively recently, performing this genetic analysis of pharmacological predisposition was somewhat expensive and complicated, but recently this analysis can be done at prices that leave no room for excuses not to use this information before prescribing certain medications.

Thanks to our DNA test of pharmacogenetics Our doctor can better identify which medications will be more effective and will have less adverse side effects on us.


dna drug predisposition test

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