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Discover your roots with the most detailed genetic test of ancestors in the world


In your DNA are all your ancestors, for thousands of years the genetic information has been passed down from generation to generation until it reaches you. With our technology, it is now possible to decode that information and see where your ancestors were from. You can see the origin of your ancestral roots.

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How is this test done?

We send you a DNA kit to your home anywhere in the world. You just have to rub a cotton swab inside your mouth following some simple instructions. A few weeks after iwe get it back we send you the report by email.

How do we do the genetic study of ancestors?

Once we have read the DNA of the cells in your mouth, we analyze your genetic map with our algorithms. There are genetic mutations that are characteristic of certain places in the world, in this way we can determine what geographical areas your ancestry is from. 

If you want to see an example of our ancestry test you can look it up here:

Reports available in English, GermanFrenchItalian y Spanish

DNA Ancestry test

How many years have we gone back?

We go back hundreds and even thousands of years. The genetic mass where we focus most is about 700 years ago; 20 or 30 generations.

Are all the DNA tests of ancestors the same?

No, nor similar. Our genetic test of ancestors is the most advanced in the world. We analyze more than 1000 geographical areas (more than double the best of our competitors). At the end of this page you can see the list of our geographical areas. This list increases every month.

Unlike other ancestral genetic tests, in 24Genetics we are able to provide data for more than 1000 geographical areas, including regions or provinces of most European countries and the largest in Asia.

How will the difference be noticed?

Easy, we give you an example: while others will tell you that you have an 10% of Northern Europe, we can tell you from which Nordic countries you have that 10% and from which provinces or regions within that country. Another example: others will tell you that you are an 60% Iberian with a map that encompasses all of Spain, Portugal and southern France; we will tell you how much of that percentage is from Spain and within Spain we will tell you which autonomous community (we all have).



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Do you want to create your family tree and find relatives through your DNA?

Our DNA analysis is optimized to be used in GEDmatch Genesis, the best free online tool to find relatives through your DNA and to manage your GEDCOM family trees. With these free solutions you will not depend on any company and you can save yourself the cost of their services.

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I want to order my Ancestors test now 


Have you already taken a test with 23andme, FTDNA or someone else?

If you have already done a genetic test, we can use your Raw Data to create your 24Genetics Ancestors Report and you can reveal which regions and autonomous communities your ancestors were, something that no other company is capable of doing. Click here to place the order.

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These are some of the geographic regions of our DNA Test of Ancestors (in English)



AFRICA algeria algeria
AFRICA Central Africa Central Africa
AFRICA Congo Congo
AFRICA Egypt Egypt
AFRICA eritrea eritrea
AFRICA ethiopia Amhara
AFRICA ethiopia Ethiopia SNNPR
AFRICA ethiopia Oromia
AFRICA Gambia Gambia
AFRICA Kenya Kenya
AFRICA morocco morocco
AFRICA Namibia Namibia
AFRICA Nigeria Nigeria
AFRICA Somalia Somalia
AFRICA Tanzania Tanzania
AFRICA tunisia tunisia
AFRICA South Africa South Africa
AFRICA Zimbabwe Zimbabwe
AMERICA Argentina Argentina
AMERICA Bolivia Bolivia
AMERICA Brazil Brazil
AMERICA Canada Nunavut
AMERICA Chile Chile
AMERICA Chile Easter Island
AMERICA Colombia Colombia
AMERICA Costa Rica Costa Rica
AMERICA Dominican Republic Dominican Republic
AMERICA Ecuador Ecuador
AMERICA greenland greenland
AMERICA Guatemala Guatemala
AMERICA Honduras Honduras
AMERICA Mexico Mexico
AMERICA Nicaragua Nicaragua
AMERICA Panama Panama
AMERICA Paraguay Paraguay
AMERICA Puerto Rico Puerto Rico
AMERICA El Salvador El Salvador
AMERICA Uruguay Uruguay
AMERICA Venezuela Venezuela
AMERICA USA South Dakota
ASIA Afghanistan Badakhshan
ASIA Afghanistan Helmand
ASIA Armenia Armenia
ASIA Azerbaijan Azerbaijan
ASIA Azerbaijan Shaki
ASIA Bangladesh Bangladesh
ASIA Bangladesh Bengal
ASIA Cambodia Cambodia
ASIA China Alxa
ASIA China Taiwan
ASIA China Fujian
ASIA China Guizhou
ASIA China Heilongjiang
ASIA China Hulunbuir
ASIA China Hunan
ASIA China Inner Mongolia
ASIA China Jilin
ASIA China Liangshan Yi 
ASIA China Qinghai
ASIA China Sichuan
ASIA China Sipsong Panna
ASIA China Xinjiang
ASIA China Yunnan
ASIA India Andhra Pradesh
ASIA India Bihar
ASIA India Gujarat
ASIA India Haryana
ASIA India Himachal Pradesh
ASIA India Jammu
ASIA India Kashmir
ASIA India Kerala
ASIA India Punjab
ASIA India South India
ASIA India Uttar Pradesh
ASIA India Uttarakhand
ASIA Iran Iran
ASIA Iran Sistan
ASIA Iran West Azerbaijan
ASIA Iraq Iraq
ASIA Israel Israel
ASIA Israel Holon
ASIA Japan Japan
ASIA Jordan Jordan
ASIA Kazakhstan Kazakhstan
ASIA lebanon lebanon
ASIA Mongolia Mongolia
ASIA Myanmar Myanmar
ASIA Nepal Nepal
ASIA Philippines Luzon
ASIA Philippines Palawan
ASIA Philippines Philippines
ASIA Pakistan Chitral
ASIA Pakistan Hunza
ASIA Pakistan Makran
ASIA Pakistan Pakistan Kalat
ASIA Pakistan Pakistan NWFP
ASIA Pakistan Pakistan Punjab
ASIA Pakistan Peshawar
ASIA Pakistan Quetta
ASIA Pakistan Sindh
ASIA Palestine Palestine
ASIA Sakartvelo Georgia Abhkazia
ASIA Sakartvelo Georgia Kakheti
ASIA Sakartvelo Georgia Imereti
ASIA Sakartvelo Georgia Lazistan
ASIA Sakartvelo Georgia Svaneti
ASIA Sakartvelo Georgia Samegrelo
ASIA Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia
ASIA Sri Lanka Sri Lanka
ASIA syria syria
ASIA Turkey Anatolia
ASIA Turkey Istanbul
ASIA Turkey Kurdistan
ASIA Turkey Pontus
ASIA Turkmenistan Turkmenistan
ASIA Uzbekistan Karakalpakstan
ASIA Uzbekistan Uzbekistan
ASIA Yemen Hadhramaut
ASIA Yemen Yemen
ASIA Vietnam Vietnam
AUSTRALIA Australia Australia
AUSTRALIA Indonesia Indonesia
AUSTRALIA Indonesia Moluccas
AUSTRALIA New Zealand New Zealand
AUSTRALIA Papua New Guinea Papua
AUSTRALIA Solomon Islands Solomon Islands
EUROPE Austria Austria
EUROPE Austria Tyrol
EUROPE Albania Northern Albania
EUROPE Albania Southern Albania
EUROPE belarus Iwye
EUROPE belarus Grodno
EUROPE belarus Minsk
EUROPE belarus Mogilev
EUROPE belarus Polesye
EUROPE belarus Vitebsk
EUROPE Belgium Flanders
EUROPE Belgium Wallonia
EUROPE Bosnia-Herzegovina Bosnia-Herzegovina
EUROPE Bulgaria Bulgaria
EUROPE Bulgaria Razgrad
EUROPE Croatia Croatia
EUROPE Cyprus Cyprus
EUROPE Czech Republic Czechia
EUROPE Denmark Denmark
EUROPE Estonia Estonia
EUROPE Finland Southwest Finland
EUROPE Finland Finland Ingria
EUROPE Finland Finland Karelia
EUROPE France Aquitaine
EUROPE France Auvergne
EUROPE France Britain
EUROPE France Corsica
EUROPE France Grand East
EUROPE France Languedoc
EUROPE France Paris
EUROPE Germany Bavaria
EUROPE Germany Brandenburg
EUROPE Germany Mecklenburg
EUROPE Germany North Rhine Westphalia
EUROPE Germany Rhineland Palatinate
EUROPE Germany Saxony
EUROPE Germany Saxony Anhalt
EUROPE Germany Schleswig Holstein
EUROPE Germany Vorpommern
EUROPE Great Britain Britain
EUROPE Great Britain Cumberland
EUROPE Great Britain North East England
EUROPE Great Britain North West England
EUROPE Great Britain South East England
EUROPE Great Britain Cornwall
EUROPE Great Britain Orkney Islands
EUROPE Great Britain Scotland
EUROPE Great Britain Wales
EUROPE Greece Andros
EUROPE Greece Central Greece
EUROPE Greece Chios
EUROPE Greece Crete
EUROPE Greece Cyclades
EUROPE Greece Dodecanes
EUROPE Greece Epirus
EUROPE Greece Euboea
EUROPE Greece Ikaria
EUROPE Greece Kalymnos
EUROPE Greece Kythera
EUROPE Greece Macedonia
EUROPE Greece Peloponnese
EUROPE Greece Thrace
EUROPE Greece East Thrace
EUROPE Hungary Hungary
EUROPE ireland ireland
EUROPE ireland Ulster
EUROPE Italy Abruzzo
EUROPE Italy Aosta
EUROPE Italy Apulia
EUROPE Italy Calabria
EUROPE Italy Campania
EUROPE Italy Emilia Romagna
EUROPE Italy Friuli
EUROPE Italy Molise
EUROPE Italy Latium
EUROPE Italy Liguria
EUROPE Italy Walk
EUROPE Italy Lombardy
EUROPE Italy Piedmont
EUROPE Italy Sardinia
EUROPE Italy Sicily
EUROPE Italy Trentino
EUROPE Italy Tuscany
EUROPE Italy Veneto
EUROPE Kosovo Kosovo
EUROPE latvia latvia
EUROPE lithuania lithuania
EUROPE Macedonia Gostivar
EUROPE Malta Malta
EUROPE moldova moldova
EUROPE Montenegro Montenegro
EUROPE Montenegro Ulcinj
EUROPE Netherlands North Netherlands
EUROPE Netherlands South Netherlands
EUROPE Netherlands Utrecht
EUROPE norway Finnmark
EUROPE norway Nordland
EUROPE norway norway
EUROPE poland Kujawsko Pomorskie
EUROPE poland Lida
EUROPE poland Lublin
EUROPE poland Lubusz
EUROPE poland Lwow
EUROPE poland Malopolskie
EUROPE poland Mazowieckie
EUROPE poland Opole
EUROPE poland Search for
EUROPE poland Podlaskie
EUROPE poland Pomeranian
EUROPE poland Posen
EUROPE poland Suwalki
EUROPE poland Warsaw
EUROPE poland Greater
EUROPE Portugal Portugal
EUROPE Romania Romania Muntenia
EUROPE Romania Romania Nord Est
EUROPE Romania Romania Nord Vest
EUROPE Romania Romania Sud Est
EUROPE Romania Romania Sud Vest
EUROPE Romania Romania Centru
EUROPE Serbia Serbia
EUROPE Serbia Zapadna Srbija
EUROPE Slovakia Slovakia
EUROPE Slovenia Slovenia
EUROPE Spain Andalusia
EUROPE Spain Aragon
EUROPE Spain Asturia
EUROPE Spain Balearics
EUROPE Spain Canary Islands
EUROPE Spain Cantabria
EUROPE Spain Castilla La Mancha
EUROPE Spain Castilla Leon
EUROPE Spain Catalonia
EUROPE Spain Bilbao
EUROPE Spain Estremadura
EUROPE Spain Euskadi
EUROPE Spain Galicia
EUROPE Spain The Rioja
EUROPE Spain Madrid
EUROPE Spain Navarre
EUROPE Spain Valencia
EUROPE Sweden Norrbotten
EUROPE Sweden Sweden
EUROPE Sweden Swedish Lapland
EUROPE Switzerland Switzerland
EUROPE Switzerland Ticino
EUROPE Ukraine Bakhchysarai
EUROPE Ukraine Boryslav
EUROPE Ukraine Chernigov
EUROPE Ukraine Dzhankoy
EUROPE Ukraine Kharkiv
EUROPE Ukraine Mariupol
EUROPE Ukraine Poltava
EUROPE Ukraine Vinnytsia
EUROPE Ukraine Zakarpattia
EUROPE Ukraine Zboriv
RUSSIA Russia Krasnoyarsk Krai
RUSSIA Russia Altai
RUSSIA Russia Bashkiria
RUSSIA Russia Bryansk
RUSSIA Russia Buryatia
RUSSIA Russia Buynaksk
RUSSIA Russia Chechnya
RUSSIA Russia Chuvashia
RUSSIA Russia Dagestan
RUSSIA Russia Idel Ural
RUSSIA Russia Kabardino Balkaria
RUSSIA Russia Kalmykia
RUSSIA Russia Karachay Cherkessia
RUSSIA Russia Karelia
RUSSIA Russia Kemerovo
RUSSIA Russia Khanty Mansia
RUSSIA Russia Vyatka 
RUSSIA Russia Komi Republic
RUSSIA Russia Kostroma
RUSSIA Russia Kursk
RUSSIA Russia Likhoslavl
RUSSIA Russia Mari El
RUSSIA Russia Mordovia
RUSSIA Russia Moscow
RUSSIA Russia Murom
RUSSIA Russia Nenetsia
RUSSIA Russia North Dvina
RUSSIA Russia Novgorod
RUSSIA Russia Oryol
RUSSIA Russia Ossetia Alania
RUSSIA Russia Perm
RUSSIA Russia Pinega
RUSSIA Russia Pskov
RUSSIA Russia Rostov
RUSSIA Russia Ryazan
RUSSIA Russia Sakhalin
RUSSIA Russia Smolensk
RUSSIA Russia Solvychegodsk
RUSSIA Russia Tambov
RUSSIA Russia Tatarstan
RUSSIA Russia Tomsk
RUSSIA Russia Tver
RUSSIA Russia Tyumen
RUSSIA Russia Udmurtia
RUSSIA Russia Ural
RUSSIA Russia Veps National Volost
RUSSIA Russia Volgogard
RUSSIA Russia Voronezh
RUSSIA Russia Yakutia
RUSSIA Russia Yamalo Nenets



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